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"Rush" button

Rush skills (or Recollection Skills) are a unique type of skills, which have been introduced in the game on 29th of November 2019.

Skill mechanics[]

These skills can be equipped as any other sword skill in weapon or armor slot (depends on the type of the Rush skill), but besides its basic effects they give an additional buff, which can be activated only by entering "Rush mode" with a button similar to "Switch".

Different from the "Switch", dealing damage isn't necessary to fill the "Rush" button, as it is slowly doing that by itself - even in the safe zone. When button is fully filled and is glowing red, player can enter "Rush mode" which activates effects from every equipped Rush skill. In this mode, player gets bonuses to damage dealt, HP and movement speed - these bonuses increase with every Rush skill record equipped in the current set. During the duration of this mode every attack ignores the damage reduction, which is being activated when the enemy enters the "Rush Recollection" mode.

Switching weapon set during Rush mode cancels it and empties the "Rush" bar.

Skills activated during Rush Recollection don't have an effect on conditional skills - for example, Critical Damage increased by Mind's Eye Rush skill doesn't trigger the effect of Weakness Attack Boost passive skill.


Recollection Skill's level specified in its description

Rush skills can be enhanced and transformed as any other skill, but additionaly they can be awoken in "Awakening" tab in "Skill Record Transformation" menu. Each Rush skill has a "Recollection Skill", which activates upon entering "Rush mode" and each such skill can be upgraded by using Awakening Stars and Great Jewels.

Each level of a Rush skill gives additional 2% increase to max HP and Attack during the Rush mode, so a Rush skill on level 5 grants +10% max HP and +10% Attack bonus during Rush mode.

Awakening skill record doesn't affect its base stats nor its basic skills' effects.

Items needed for awakening[]

All these items can be obtained from Traders as event rewards.

List of Recollection skills[]

You can check the list of existing Recollection skills in the Recollection skills category.


  • Awakening skills is the only mechanic in game which has a chance to randomly fail upgrading, using up needed resources without any effect.
  • So far, there is no way to get an unlimited quantity of awakening resources.
  • Partner and Assisting Characters aren't able to enter Rush Mode.