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[Release of Power] Kirito, one of the first MOD skills in the MOD Step-Up Order.

MOD skills are a unique type of Skill Record, which have been introduced for the game's 3rd anniversary on 30th of November 2020.

These skill records debuted in the MOD Step-Up Order. Currently, MOD skills have only been released for the seven weapon types and does not include Shield and Ability.

Skill Mechanics[]

MOD page of the Skill Record showing the MOD slots and attached [Bonus] effects with their respective Skill Records.

MOD skill records function similarly to standard skill records but have the unique capability to include effects of other skill records specifically, effects described as [Bonus]. These bonuses are indicated in blue on the skill record description. MOD skill records can also have [Bonus] effects.

[Bonus] effects are also shown with number of arrow shapes next to its description, which determine the number of slots (maximum of 3) needed to insert the [Bonus] into a MOD skill record. Once inserted into a MOD skill record, the skill record that originally held the [Bonus] effect cannot be used, unless the [Bonus] is released from the MOD skill record using a MOD Remover item. Unlike Burst or Rush skill records, MOD skill records can be fully utilized by the Partner and Assist Characters due to [Bonus] effects being inherent to the skill record and not requiring manual activation.

Each MOD skill record will initially have the first slot unlocked while the other two slots will require special materials to unlock.

Inserting [Bonus] effects to MOD Skill Records[]

Inserting a [Bonus] effect from another skill record require several conditions which need to be met:

  • The [Bonus] effect must be indicated with a blue colored font on the skill record description;
  • The skill record containing the [Bonus] must not be equipped by the player, partner or any Assist Character;
  • The MOD skill record must have enough unlocked slots for the [Bonus];
  • Only skill records belonging to the same category/weapon as the MOD skill record can be used in the process
    • i.e. only [Bonus] effect from a 1H Sword skill record can be attached into the slot of a 1H Sword MOD skill record

In this case, 3 free slots in the MOD skill record are needed to move both bonuses from [Knight of Resolution] Alice to the MOD skill record.

The amount of slots needed by a [Bonus] effect is equal to the amount of blue arrows next to the skill description.

Note: If several [Bonus] effects are indicated in blue while only one set of arrows is visible (see image), it means that all of these bonuses are being transferred at the given cost.

Managing Skill Slots[]

Unlocking additional slots[]

After obtaining a MOD skill record, it comes with one unlocked MOD Slot for an attachable [Bonus] effect. There are two more slots, which can be unlocked with special items called "Unlock MOD II" and "Unlock MOD III [weapon type]". The materials for the unlock items will be rarer the higher number of slot to be unlocked.

Type Slot Unlock item Required materials How to obtain Unlock MOD piece
All 1st Initially unlocked - -
All 2nd Unlock MOD II SS 100x Unlock MOD piece II SS

80,000 Col

From monsters in the Labyrinths of every floor
1H Sword 3rd Unlock MOD III (1H Sword) 50x Unlock MOD piece III 1H Sword

800,000 Col

From rare monsters* in the Labyrinths of Floor 25+
1H Rapier Unlock MOD III (1H Rapier) 50x Unlock MOD piece III 1H Rapier

800,000 Col

1H Club Unlock MOD III (1H Club) 50x Unlock MOD piece III 1H Club

800,000 Col

1H Dagger Unlock MOD III (1H Dagger) 50x Unlock MOD piece III 1H Dagger

800,000 Col

2H Axe Unlock MOD III (2H Axe) 50x Unlock MOD piece III 2H_Axe

800,000 Col

2H Spear Unlock MOD III (2H Spear) 50x Unlock MOD piece III 2H_Spear

800,000 Col

Bow Unlock MOD III (Bow) 50x Unlock MOD piece III Bow

800,000 Col

* Physically larger variants of monsters

Unlocking the 2nd MOD Slot[]

Items necessary to unlock the second MOD Slot can be produced by using their pieces obtained from monsters in the Labyrinths on every floor.

Materials required to produce Unlock MOD II SS:
  • 100x Unlock MOD piece II SS
  • 80,000 Col

Unlocking the 3rd MOD Slot[]

Items necessary to unlock the third MOD Slot can be produced by using their pieces obtained from rare monsters (larger versions of the regular monsters, which usually protect the red barricades) in the Labyrinths of Floor 25 and above.

Materials required to produce Unlock MOD III [target weapon type]:
  • 50x Unlock MOD piece III [target weapon type]
  • 800,000 Col

Removing attached skills[]

Skills which were attached before can be released from slots with the items called MOD Remover. Such item removes all skills belonging to one attached skill record, emptying all MOD Slots which were required by the said skills. Released skill record can be used independently or attached again to a MOD skill record.

MOD Removers can be obtained from Login Bonuses or randomly when selecting "Collect Items" when interacting with Assist Characters.

Removes the skill record (along with the [Bonus]) attached to the MOD Slots,

allowing it to be available for use.


These skill records can be upgraded by infusing them with Bonus skills from other skill records.

1H Sword[]

1H Rapier[]

1H Club[]

1H Dagger[]

2H Axe[]

2H Spear[]


Skill records containing attachable MOD skills[]

List of such skill records can be found in the Skill Records with attachable MOD skills category. This list is being constantly updated.


  • If the same [Bonus] is present in a Burst skill record - both in its regular and Burst description - the one from the Burst version will be used in the MOD Slot.
  • For the skill records requiring a certain number of character skill records for certain effects (e.g. If 2 or more Kirito skill records are present, Attack +1000), characters present on the skill records attached to the MOD Slots will not be taken into account.
  • At the release of MOD skills, only Shield and Ability categories didn't receive their own MOD skill records.