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Players have access to a variety of weapons in Sword Art Online: Integral Factor. Weapons can be equipped to increase the amount of damage a player deals, but may also provide up to three random buffs that enhance a player's attack, defense, or hit points.

Players can acquire weapons either by producing it at the Workshop NPC , purchasing it from the Merchant NPC , or completing quests. Some items can only be obtained during events. As a player uses a weapon to kill a monster, the player's proficiency in the weapon used to kill the monster increases to give you additional buffs.

There are two weapon sets that a player can quickly swap between. Within each set, the player has two weapon slots (left hand and right hand) and four active skill records. Currently, one-handed weapons are only designated for the right hand, shields are designated for the left hand, and two-handed weapons use up both slots. o

Crafting Weapons[]

The weapons listed below can be obtained by crafting it at any Workshop NPC once the required floor has been unlocked by the player.

Level Swords Rapiers Maces Daggers Axes Spears Bows Shields
1 Bronze Sword Bronze Rapier Bronze Mace Bronze Dagger Bronze Axe Bronze Lance Bronze Bow Small Buckler
Combat Shield
10 Anneal Blade Anneal Rapier Anneal Hammer Anneal Dagger Anneal Axe Anneal Lance Anneal Bow Defensive Buckler
15 Azure Sky Blade Stacked Rapier War Hammer Dark Biting Axe Sharp Spear Hunter Bow Shining Buckler
20 Brass Sword Brass Fleuret Brass Mace Kukri Brass Axe Brass Spear Brass Bow Iron Shield
25 Steel Sword Steel Rapier Steel Mace Steel Dagger Steel Axe Steel Lance Steel Bow Steel Shield
30 Stout Brand Wind Fleuret Linalia Hammer Blue Stilet Round Axe Keith Lance Assault Bow Light Buckler
35 Sword Of Eventide Estoc Hard Mace Red Light Bloom Axe Iceberg Lance Purple Bow Moon Buckler
40 Greenish Sword Spike Fleuret Abyss Hammer Cross Knife Darker Axe Aqua Aura Spear Sharp Shooter Flame Shield
45 Elven Stout Sword Leo Rapier Smash Bullstar Silver Axe Raven Lance Gold Shooter Sphene Buckler
50 Unbreakable Roseo Fleuret Binding Rod Knight Dagger Deep Axe Crow Spear Jackal Bow Mark Shield
55 Innovation Sharp Strike Nigellus Hammer Scarlet Pain Gold Axe Grim Lance Metal Shooter Protect Buckler
60 Imperial Gerbera Fleuret Judge Mace Assassin Dagger Halberd Caravan Spear Sky Shooter Burshimon Buckler
62 Lord Sword Elegante Rapier Babel Violet Papillon Axe Karma Lance Moon Shooter Pale Mist Buckler
64 Twin Blade Green Rapier Castle Mace Fin Dagger Executioner Fluegel White Lily Blast Buckler
66 Sage Sword Agate Rapier Spike Hammer Arm Breaker Crescent Moon Calamity Captain Shooter Hard-Light Buckler
68 Plate Blade Rose Fleuret Skyscraper Odyssey Carnival Ax Valhalla Hephaestus Shooter Kaleido Shield
70 Sacred Sword Drill Rapier Montagne Sting Dagger Geronimo Axe Anubis Spear Wing Shooter Dia Shield
72 Obsidian Blade Undine Victor Mace Yamasachi Unleashed Axe Apocalypse Espoir Bow Blood Onyx Buckler
74 Lion Fang Delphinium Babylon Temple Dagger White Butterfly Fork Javelin Freesia Umbrella Shield
76 Zanmato Kamuy Aooni Shirayuki Vaisravana Hienjyumonji Zuikaku Legion Buckler
78 Spark Sword Queen Rapier Royal Mace Kagutsuchi Dreadnought Chaos Lance Black Lily Green Buckler
80 Pale Rider Sacrifice Oracle Hammer Forbidden Dagger Frost Axe Impulse Javelin Quake Shooter Weiβ Shield
82 Red Edge Blade Silver Grey Rapier Red Sledge Hammer Ignite Knife Silver Grey Axe Heat Trident Silver Grey Shooter Silver Grey Buckler
84 Splendid Sword Nightmare Grace Mace Mirage Dagger Fanatic Axe Arc Spear Exile Shooter Noble Shield
86 Horizon Sword Thorn Rapier Wood Pecker Highland Dagger Traitor's Axe Cliff Maker Dusk Shooter Keeper's Shield
88 Eraser Sword Blue Hearts Gravity Hammer Blue Metal Knife Cruel Axe Grave Marker Radius Shooter Tetra Shield
90 Isildur Pain Collector Magna Hammer Sword Breaker Tri-Edge Axe Grand Spear Hepaticus Bow Relief Shield
92 Forest Blade Prairie Rapier Mountain Crusher Emerald Reef Dragonic Axe Jade Aura Spear Bindthorn Shooter Scarab Shield
94 Crow Wing Blade Trench Rapier Flint Hammer Lava Knife Darkness Axe Bandit Lance Tears of Blood Gear Buckler
96 Daisy Heat Sword Daisy Heat Rapier Daisy Heat Hammer Daisy Heat Dagger Daisy Heat Axe Daisy Heat Lance Daisy Heat Shooter Daisy Heat Shield
98 Ruin Hawk Sword Ruin Hawk Rapier Ruin Hawk Hammer Ruin Hawk Knife Ruin Hawk Axe Ruin Hawk Spear Ruin Hawk Bow Ruin Hawk Shield
100 Centurion Sword Centurion Rapier Centurion Hammer Centurion Knife Centurion Axe Centurion Lance Centurion Shooter Centurion Shield
101 Gusion Arc Angel Stingray Nocturne After Glow Gluttony Radgrid none
121 Nox Gusion Nox Arc Angel Nox Stingray Nox Nocturne Nox After Glow Nox Gluttony Nox Radgrid none
141 Forneus Dominion Albatross Rhapsody Twilight Greed Sigrun none
161 Rosso Forneus Rosso Minion Rosso Albatross Rosso Rhapsody Rosso Twilight Rosso Greed Rosso Sigrun none

Weapon Proficiency[]

Weapon Proficiency is gained by killing mobs in Sword Art Online: Integral Factor. It is being used to unlock new skills for weapons and to increase some of the basic attributes of the character. Every new proficiency level in any weapon gives 1 Attack point - except for the Shield, which provides 1 Defense point per proficiency level.

Each weapon type has their own set of proficiency skills. These skills provide additional perks when combating enemies with that specific weapon , improving overall fighting experience, but also some skills improve some attributes no matter what weapon is being used at the moment.

Assist Characters can learn most of the Weapon Proficiency skills intended for their weapon, excluding Basic Stance and Battle Instinct. For example, Kirito can learn 1H Sword skills by interacting with him.

Weapon Proficiency Skills[]

You can check every skill's requirements to learn, benefits, cost to upgrade and if it works for one weapon only on is it a general use skill.

Proficiency Level 1H Sword 1H Rapier 1H Club 1H Dagger 2H Axe 2H Spear Bow Shield
1 Sword Training
Sword's Blow

Basic Stance

Rapier Training
Serial Attack
Rapier's Blow

Basic Stance

Club Training
Knowledge for Meds
Club's Blow

Basic Stance

Dagger Training
Blow of the Dagger

Basic Stance

Axe Training
Body's Enhancement
Axe's Blow

Basic Stance

Spear Training
Spear's Blow

Basic Stance

Bow Training



Basic Stance

Shield Training




Full Strike

Sword Proficiency

Target Weak Spot

Rapier Proficiency

Hard Hit

Club Proficiency

Cruel Blade

Dagger Proficiency

Fighting Spirit

Axe Proficiency


Spear Proficiency

Precise Shot

Bow Proficiency

Decisive Guard

Mark of Warrior

Sword Control Improvement

Mark of Swordsman

Rapier Control Improvement

Mark of Defense

Club Control Improvement

Proof of Thief

Dagger Control Improvement

Mark of Mercenary

Axe Control Improvement

Mark of Knight

Spear Control Improvement

Proof of Archer

Bow Control Improvement


Battle Instinct

Survival Instinct

Battle Instinct

Survival Instinct

Battle Instinct

Survival Instinct

Battle Instinct

Survival Instinct

Battle Instinct

Survival Instinct

Battle Instinct

Survival Instinct

Battle Instinct

Survival Instinct

Survival Instinct
20 Combination Lightning Speed Armor Break Evasion Cleave Fang Predator's Keen Eye



Weapon Knowledge

Weapon Knowledge Weapon Knowledge Weapon Knowledge Weapon Knowledge Weapon Knowledge Weapon Knowledge Shield Knowledge

Switch Charge

Meteor Weapon Break Executer's Eyes Kongou Spear Dance Crescent Moon Transcendent
35 Sword's Secret Rapier's Secret Club's Secret Dagger's Secret Axe's Secret Spear's Secret Bow's Secret
40 Sword Skill Mastery Sword Skill Mastery Sword Skill Mastery Sword Skill Mastery Sword Skill Mastery Sword Skill Mastery Sword Skill Mastery Sword Skill Mastery