Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Wiki


Players have access to a variety of pieces of armor in Sword Art Online: Integral Factor. Armor can be equipped to increase the defense and number of hit points that a player has, but may also provide up to three random buffs that enhance a player's attack, defense, or hit points. You can acquire pieces of armor either by producing it at the Workshop NPC , purchasing it from the Merchant NPC, or completing quests. However, some items can only be obtained during events. Players can equip two amor slots: one for the upper body and the other for the lower body.

Craftable Armor[]

The pieces of armor listed below can be crafted at any Workshop NPC once the required floor has been unlocked by the player. Every crafted equipment receives up to three bonuses: HP, Defense, Attack.

Equipment crafted with materials found on the Floors[]

These armor pieces can also be bought from the Merchant NPC, but armor obtained this way won't have any bonus.

Level Upper Armor Lower Armor
1 Bronze Armor Bronze Greaves
10 Mixed Clothes Mixed Leggings
15 Scale Armor Scale Greaves
20 Brass Armor Brass Greaves
25 High Scale Armor High Scale Greaves
30 Dawn Armor Dawn Greaves
35 Hard Leather Armor Hard Leather Legs
40 Studded Mail Studded Greaves
45 Sun-up Armor Sun-up Greaves
50 Heavy Armor Heavy Greaves
55 Chain Mail Chain Leggings
60 Violet Mail Violet Greaves
62 Alloy Armor Alloy Lower
64 Vanguard Armor Vanguard Greaves
66 Seeker Armor Seeker Greaves
68 Icer Armor Icer Lower
70 Jeanne Mail Jeanne Greave
72 Brave Armor Brave Lower
74 Hanbei Mail Hanbei Lower
76 Ninja Costume Hanzo Hanzo Ninja Socks
78 Blitz Mail Blitz Greave
80 Neptune Armor Neptune Lower
82 Cloth Mail Cloth Greave
84 Willow Mail Willow Lower
86 Mercenary Jacket Mercenary Lower
88 Carbon Mail Carbon Lower
90 Tierra Armor Tierra Greaves
92 Hunting Armor Hunting Greaves
94 Autumn Mail Autumn Lower
96 Garden Knight Jacket Garden Knight Lower
98 Fair Jacket Fair Lower
100 Centurion Mail Centurion Greaves

Equipment crafted with materials obtained from Chaos Bosses[]

Level Upper Armor Lower Armor
90 Dark Black King Armor Dark Black King Greaves
90 Dark Black Thunder Bull Armor Dark Black Thunder Bull Greaves
90 Dark Black Spirit Tree Armor Dark Black Spirit Tree Greaves
95 Dark Black Sea Horse Armor Dark Black Sea Horse Greaves
95 Dark Black False Statue Armor Dark Black False Statue Greaves
95 Dark Black Beast Armor Dark Black Beast Greaves
110 Dark Black Colossal Armor Dark Black Colossal Greaves
110 Dark Black Frozen Evil Armor Dark Black Frozen Evil Greaves
110 Dark Black Evil Spirit Armor Dark Black Evil Spirit Greaves
135 Dark Black Snake Samurai Armor Dark Black Snake Samurai Greaves
135 Dark Black Griffin Armor Dark Black Griffin Greaves
135 Dark Black Sturdy Crab Armor Dark Black Sturdy Crab Greaves
155 Dark Black Blazing Armor Dark Black Blazing Greaves
155 Dark Black Half Beast Armor Dark Black Half Beast Greaves
155 Dark Black One-Eyed Beast Armor Dark Black One-Eyed Beast Greaves

Equipment crafted with materials obtained by fishing[]

These armor pieces can receive only one bonus, but higher than in a regular armor. This equipment can't be leveled up or transformed, it is intended to use only in succession.

Level Upper Armor Lower Armor
20 Lost Epic Armor Lost Epic Greaves

Quest Reward Armor[]

The following pieces of armor can be obtained after completing the specified quest.