Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Wiki

Events are special global or local circumstances with increased drop rates, special Skill Records, and other gameplay alterations to the base mechanics of Sword Art Online: Integral Factor. They typically mark the celebration of a major event, such as Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, or Halloween.

Current Events[]

Aria of a Starless Night Initiation Facing

Happy dungeon with Yuna

Fishing on floor 22

Daily Dungeon

Previous Events[]

The Blade That Cuts Evil

Welcome to Aliceland

Great Echancement Event VS Yuuki

Mysterious Duo

Raising Assisting Character Campaign(Sinon)

Beach fun

Missing elf

The Bride's Dress Is With a Smile

Best Friend Poll Event

Raising Assisting Character Campaign

[2019-05-15] Hunting Event - Lisbeth Birthday ver.

Part 4 Chaos Boss Dungeon High difficulty

Crimson Sword and Silver Witch Ends May 21, 2019

Tower Quest Tower of Dark Wind Returning Ends May 14, 2019.

Ticket Collecting Dungeon (First part).

Guild Ranking Event Medusa Hunt(Second Part). Exclusive for members.

Otherworldly Collaborators

The Mysterious Duo

Spring Mirage Order

Enhancement Campaign

Skyblue Magical Girl Order

Sunset and Night Cherry Blossom Order

Flowerly Dream Order

Tower Quest [Beating Tower]

Memory from Spring Light Order

Mad Gibbon Battle

Tower Quest [Berserker's Tower]

Missing Elf Battle

Sword and Wind Order

Leafa Birthday Order

Tower Quest [Tower of Dark Wind]

Ray of Light For Truth Order

Sabo Cactus Battle

Soldier and Beauty Order

Mush Golem Battle

Release Celebration Order

Brutal Kobalt Lord Hunt

Kleins: New Year Training Regiment

Otherworldly Assassin Dungeon

Pure Angels Order Part 4

FL12 Release Order