Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Wiki

bug- do not leave game whilst in a mission with open area blocked off by barriers u will teleport out and won’t be able to return

Known bugs:[]

Here is a list of known issues and possibly some workarounds:

Crashing to home screen[]

This happens for reasons outside your control. The only thing you can do is restart the app and keep playing

  • If you change your rendering settings from either high med or low be sure to clear cache at the main menu and relaunch the app.
  • (Sometimes I also clear the cache from the app settings after clearing from the cache settings on the main menu screen.)
  • Change your graphics settings to potato ok maybe not potato but render to medium and lower some of the bars to 20 or less to reduce player/mob rendering
  • If Lucky Patcher is Installed in your device then uninstall it. It works

Player/NPC models tearing while moving / attacking[]

This happens periodically pending on the device you are using likelihood that the device is overheating can cause some NPC/player models to get warped.

  • Restarting the app can resolve the issue
  • Allowing the device to "cooldown" can help

Starting the game and getting Network Connection Error at either preparing data or authenticating. (Commonly caused by switching devices (Tablet, Phone, etc.))[]

Saoif error1.png

  • Deleted cache and saved data from the apps menu on your system's device.

Ensure that you have registered your account to either Facebook or backed up your account key.


Controls disappearing after speaking with dungeon guide and cancelling.[]

  • Try to talk to the dungeon guide again by clicking on them twice and start a dungeon run. You'll get the controls back when you start the dungeon.

Quick Party not allowing you to enter into a dungeon with your party.[]

Create a normal party then leave that party. Now try Quick Party again.

=== Enemies incorrectly displaying their current HP as they take damage. ===click on an area outside the boss to take off at focu and click on the boss again

Screen freezing on the Enhancing Skill Record / Equipment screen after enhancing.[]

=== Try Restarting the app or Let your phone Cool Down