Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Wiki
Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Wiki

Play in the beginning[]

Player must start in the tutorial. After tutorial, players can open up the menu, where they can to change your equipment. In the equipment menu please pick up the weapon that best suits your game play style.

Tips for Beginners[]

  1. After getting 250 arcana gems, go to the shop menu and buy the 250 gem 11-pack of skill records that guarantees a 4 star skill. Ideally, you want to start with a 4 star Area of Effect Skill, and the passive skill record [Energetic] Silica. To get these skills you must reroll your account, but it is not necessary. After your first banner, Save all your arcana gems until you have at least 10,000 gems for future purchases. Equip as many sword skills as possible that correspond to the weapon type that you got from the summons you did in the player equipment menu to increase your damage output. In the armor tab below, equip skill records that give you the largest increase in attack. By increasing your damage output, it will take less time to obtain valuable crafting materials and upgrade items.
  2. Choose the weapon that corresponds to your play style. Rapiers deal less damage than any other weapon but hit enemies faster and are easier to dodge with. Axes deal large amounts of damage and their skills have large areas of effect but are slower than other weapons. Spears deal fairly large damage at a long range and can hit multiple enemies in a line, but are slower than other weapons and harder to dodge with. Swords provide a balance of power and mobility. Dagger has less attack range, but it has great attack power almost equals the axes and it also provides mobility. Club has high attack power but by using that your mobility will decrease. Bow provides you highest mobility and it attacks from long distance, but it had less number of skill records than any other weapon. If using a one handed weapon, equip a shield to increase longevity while fighting. Note: There is no downside to using a shield in SAOIF. There is also no fundamental difference between bucklers and large shields, aside from the stats they list.
  3. Complete sub-quests while farming to obtain rewards, EXP, and materials at the same time.
  4. Equip your side character with weapons to further increase damage output.
  5. Cosmetics do not increase your stats.
  6. Complete character quests and tower challenge quests to get gems and other important items.
  7. Always go and check the daily quest for getting more money, EXP, and items.
  8. Login daily to get rare items and gems.
  9. Every monster has a weakness. Change your weapon to deal more damage.
  10. Don't forget to have fun!

 Additional Tips[]

  • Review the quantity and quality of sword skills you have of each weapon type. Sometimes, changing to a different weapon may improve your damage output if you have the right skills to utilize it.
  • But try to use a constant weapon. By using the constant weapon you will earn weapon EXP which will increase your proficiency level. Your proficiency level and skills pays major role in your damage output.
    • You can change your switch skill by placing a different sword skill in the "Skill 1" slot. Maximize damage output by placing a strong skill in that slot.
  • Read each monster's movements carefully. Every monster has 2-3 attacks and gives specific cues for each of them, so dodging can drastically reduce damage taken and preserve your combo.
    • While waiting for a monster's attack animation to end, take advantage of the opening by using a buff, healing potion, or antidote.
    • Some monster's attack ranges may be less that that of a spear or an axe. Keep up the pressure by attacking outside of the monster's range.
  • Party up! Each player in a party earns EXP, Col, WEXP, healing buffs (upon destroying a recovery item in the field), and crafting materials upon killing a monster regardless of whether you actually dealt damage. Concentrate your efforts on killing one monster at a time to minimize healing potions used.
    • Alternatively, if damage sustained is not a problem, equipping high-damage skills that target multiple enemies is a fast way to farm.