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Avatars (F2P)[]

Avatars are costume items that a player can equip that affect the visual appearance of the player, but has no effect on the player's stats. The categories that can be equipped with an avatar are weapon, shield, upper body, lower body, and four accessories.

To produce an avatar, the player must either visit the workshop or use the player interface to enter the Production UI. The player can then choose the avatar items they wish to produce.

Boss Avatars

Each floor boss drops two categories of items to craft an avatar: super rare, and rare drops. When the player receives enough drops of each type from killing the boss, and also has enough generic floor mob drops, they can produce the respective floor boss's avatar.

The drop rate for avatar items are extremely low, though it is possible to get multiple drops from one boss kill.

Chaos Avatars

Chaos Avatars are black/darkened versions of normal boss avatars, and can be obtained through Chaos Dungeon events. Chaos dungeon events occur every few months and allow the player to challenge the boss twice per day, once in a level 70 dungeon and once in a level 90 dungeon. These bosses are much more difficult to beat than their standard versions and typically require a party to defeat, though some high level players will be able to defeat them solo. Players have 30 minutes to defeat the boss. The drop rates for avatar items are boosted for Chaos Dungeons and the crafting requirements are much lower than standard boss Avatars.

Floor Avatars

(Currently only available on Floors 5, 11, and 12)

Floor Avatars are avatars that are created using drops from Labyrinth enemies.

The Floor 5, 11, and 12 Labyrinth mobs have an uncommon chance to drop their respective Memories of ?Previous Floor?F item, which in the 11F's case can be used in combination with Dried Cactus floor drops to craft the Hanbei and Ninja avatars.

Event Avatars

Event Avatars are given as rewards for participating in events. They are typically given in exchange for currency at the Trader, and can typically be purchased more than once, in case the player wishes to match with Koharu.

Gacha/Store Avatars

Avatars can also be bought using Arcana Gems in the Store through Avatar Orders. These are chosen at random and often are themed. Some avatars can be sold at the Avatar Shop, which gives you a small amount of Avatar Coins to spend, allowing you to turn in duplicates or unwanted avatars and eventually purchase a specific outfit or accessory. This article covers only the Free-to-earn avatars. More info on Store Avatars and Avatar Orders can be found here.

Floor Boss Avatars[1][]

Illfang the Kobold Lord[]

King's Outfit

Avatar Preview

King's Coat King's Pants
King's Fang 40 50
King's Ear 10 8
Coarse Stone 60 80

Asterios the Taurus King[]

Thunder Bull's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Thunder Bull Coat Thunder Bull Pants
Thunder Bull Beard 40 50
Thunder Bull Horn 10 8
Dried Hay 60 80

Nerius the Evil Treant[]

Spirit Tree Outfit

Avatar Preview

Spirit Tree Coat Spirit Tree Pants
Spirit Tree Leaf 40 50
Spirit Tree Branch 10 8
Wet Leaf 60 80

Wythege the Hippocampus[]

Sea Horse Outfit

Avatar Preview

Sea Horse Coat Sea Horse Pants
Sea Horse Hoof 40 50
Sea Horse Fin 10 8
Clean Water 60 80

Fuscus the Vacant Colossus[]

False Statue Outfit

Avatar Preview

False Statue Coat False Statue Pants
False Statue Stone 40 50
False Statue Crest 10 8
Waste Fragment 60 80

Pierce the Rogue Manticore[]

Beast's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Beast's Top Beast's Bottoms
Beast's Tail 60 50
Beast's Mane 10 8
Moist Moss 60 80

Thor the Annoying Troll[]

Colossal's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Colossal's Coat Colossal's Pants
Fang from Colossal 60 50
Sturdy Bones from Colossal 10 8
Fruit of Distorted Tree 60 80

Envy the Witch[]

Frozen Evil Outfit

Avatar Preview

Frozen Evil Top Frozen Evil Bottoms
Hair from Frozen Evil 70 60
Sharp Twig from Frozen Evil 15 13
Snow Grass 70 80

Demonic the Fallen Elven[]

Demonic Spirit's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Demonic Spirit's Top Demonic Spirit's Bottoms
Piece of Demonic Spirit 75 65
Icy Thorn of Evil Spirit 18 15
Sturdy Trunk 70 80

Kagachi the Samurai Lord[]

Snake Samurai's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Snake Samurai's Top Snake Samurai's Bottoms
Snake Samurai's Large Sleeve 83 71
Snake Samurai's Tongue 20 17
Radiant Leaves 77 88

The Storm Griffin[]

Dark Thorns Outfit

Avatar Preview

Dark Thorns Top Dark Thorns Bottoms
Griffin's Claws 83 71
Griffin's Wings 20 17
Dried Cactus 77 88

Alaz The Blaze Shooter[]

Blazing Outfit

Avatar Preview

Blazing Top Blazing Bottoms
Harrowed Wilderness 70 88
Blazing Blue Sphered Soul 20 17
Blazing Flame Arms 83 71

Pholus the Centaur Chieftain[]

Half Beast Outfit

Avatar Preview

Half Beast Upper Half Beast Lower
Running Spring Water 77 88
Half Beast's Rainbow Sword 20 17
Half Beast Horn 83 71

The One-Eyed Beast[]

One-Eyed Beast Outfit

Avatar Preview

One-Eyed Beast Top One-Eyed Beast Bottoms One-Eyed Beast Helm
Mysterious Fruit 77 88 99
One-Eyed Beast Eye 20 17 14
One-Eyed Beast Fang 83 71 59

Chaos Dungeon Avatars[]

Kobold Lord Chaos[]

Black King's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Black King's Coat Black King's Pants
Black King's Fang 20 30
Black King's Stones from Abyss 10 5

Taurus King Chaos[]

Black Thunder Bull's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Black Thunder Bull's Coat Black Thunder Bull's Pants
Black Thunder Bull Horn 20 30
Black Thunder Bull's Stones from Abyss 10 5

Evil Treant Chaos[]

Black Spirit Tree's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Black Spirit Tree's Coat Black Spirit Tree's Pants
Black Spirit Tree Branch 20 30
Black Spirit Tree's Stones from Abyss 10 5

Hippocampus Chaos[]

Black Sea Horse's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Black Sea Horse's Coat Black Sea Horse's Pants
Black Sea Horse Hoof 20 30
Black Sea Horse's Stones from Abyss 10 5

Colossus Chaos[]

Black False Statue's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Black False Statue's Coat Black False Statue's Pants
Black False Statue Crest 20 30
Black False Statue Stone 10 5

Manticore Chaos[]

Black Beast's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Black beast's Coat Black beast's Pants
Black beast's black tail 20 30
Black beast's stones from abyss 10 5

Troll Chaos[]

Black Colossal's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Black Colossal's Coat Black Colossal's Pants
Sturdy Bones from Black Colossal 20 30
Black Colossal's Stones from Abyss 10 5

Witch Chaos[]

Black Frozen Evil's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Black Frozen Evil Top Black Frozen Evil Bottoms Black Frozen Evil Hat
Black Frozen Evil Hair 20 30 20
Black Frozen Evil Stones from Abyss 10 5 5

Floor Avatars[]

Floor 11[]

Hanbei Outfit

Avatar Preview

Hanbei Mail Hanbei Lower
Dried Cactus 20 20
Memories of 10F 10 10
Ninja Costume Outfit

Avatar Preview

Ninja Costume Hanzo Hanzo Ninja Socks
Dried Cactus 20 20
Memories of 10F 10 10

Event Avatars[]

Release Anniversary Campaign (March 27, 2018)[]

Crimson Appearance Outfit (Female Only) / Obsidian Appearance Outfit (Male Only)

Avatar Preview

Obtained by playing before May 8, 2018 OR Trade Combat Medals
Crimson Appearance Crimson Headdress Obsidian Earring Obsidian Appearance
Combat Medals 20 3 1 20
Aqua Marine Style Outfit (Female Only) / Celest Style Outfit (Male Only)

Avatar Preview

Obtained by playing before May 8, 2018 OR Trade Combat Medals
Aqua Marine Style Aqua Marine Hat Celest Style Celest Corsage
Combat Medals 20 3 20 1

SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online Broadcast Celebration (April 8, 2018)[]

LLENN Avatar Costume (Female Only)

Avatar Preview

LLENN Avatar Costume Top LLENN Avatar Costume Bottom
LLENN Avatar Costume Cap LLENN Avatar Costume Scarf LLENN Avatar Costume Pouch
Unlocked by playing between [date] and [date] in 2018.
Pitohui Avatar Costume

Avatar Preview

Pitohui Avatar Costume Set Pitohui Avatar Costume Tattoo Pitohui Avatar Costume Pouch
Unlocked by playing between [date] and [date] in 2018.

Surprise Wedding (June 6, 2018)[]

Bridal Dress (Female Only) / Bridal Tuxedo (Male Only)

Avatar Preview

Bridal Dress Bridal Tuxedo
Bouquet Blessing 100 100
Bridal Pin Bridal Bracelet Bridal Tiara Bridal Necklace
Wedding Card 200 200 300 300

Watermelon Panic! (July 4, 2018)[]

Passion Bikini (Female Only) / Calming Swimsuit (Male Only)

Avatar Preview

Passion Bikini Top Calming Swimsuit Top Calming Elegant Hat Calming Straw Hat
Ripple Sea Shells 30 30 10 10
Passion Bikini Bottoms Calming Swimsuit Bottoms Passion Warp Skirt Bottoms Passion Sunglasses Calming Sunglasses
Watermelons 300 300 300 100 100

Evil Gaze Hunt (August 8, 2018)[]

Coat of Eclipse Outfit

Avatar Preview

Coat of Eclipse Top Coat of Eclipse Bottoms
Unlock by reaching Final Ranking of Top 100 in event

Brutal Kobold Lord Hunt (August 8, 2018)[]

Coat of Midnight Outfit

Avatar Preview

Midnight Coat Top Midnight Coat Bottoms
Reward for completing lvl 80 (special) Brutal Kobold Lord Hunt
Summer Fresh Outfit (Female Only)

Avatar Preview

Summer Fresh Bikini Summer Fresh Corsage Summer Fresh Flower Pin Summer Fresh Bangle
Beginner Level Score 3,080 1,100 110 2,200
Summer Elegant Outfit (Female Only)

Avatar Preview

Summer Elegant Bikini Summer Elegant Necklace Summer Elegant Misanga
Mid-Level Score 19,380 1,140 11,400
Summer Cool Outfit (Female Only)

Avatar Preview

Summer Cool Bikini Summer Cool Sunglasses
Mid-Level Score 15,960 5,700
Summer Cute Outfit (Female Only)

Avatar Preview

Summer Cute Bikini Summer Cute Headdress Summer Cute Necklace Summer Cute Bracelet
Advanced Score 169,050 2,940 44,100 66,150

Search for the Phantom Mushroom (September 6, 2018)[]

Bear Suit Outfit

Avatar Preview

Alternate options for Black Bear Outfit

Bear Suit Top and Bottom Bear Suit Head A Bear Suit Head B Bear Paw Badge A Bear Paw Badge B Rare Mush Bow Bright
Big Nuts 40 30 30 200 200 50

11F Release Celebration (Halloween 2018)[]


Avatar Preview

Trick-or-Dress Top (F) Trick-or-Dress Bottoms (F) Trick-or-Hat Trick-or-Pump Trick-or-Cape
Halloween Currency (?) ? ? ? ? ?

Alicization Premiere Event(s)[]

Eugeo's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Otherworldly Uniform Top Otherworldly Uniform Bottoms
Blue Riddle Coins 500 300

Christmas / Holidays 2018[]

Santa Outfit

Avatar Preview

Noel Santa Top (F) Noel Santa Bottoms (F) Noel Santa Hat Holy Red Nose Holy Suit Top (M) Holy Suit Bottoms (M) Noel Long Scarf
Tree Charm 450 250 150 200 500 300 150
Reindeer Outfit

Avatar Preview

Holy Costume (F) Noel Reindeer Hood Noel Reindeer Top (M) Noel Reindeer Bottoms (M) Noel Cowbell
Tree Charm 800 150 450 250 150

New Year's Wish (January 1, 2019)[]

New Year's Celebration Hat

Avatar Preview

Fluffly Boar Hat
Hamaya Arrows 300

Twitter Giveaway (August 15-29, 2018)[]

Yui's Outfit

Avatar Preview

Yui's Dress
Japan-exclusive; Obtained through Twitter-based giveaway